How to start dollar store review in youtube

The truth is that there are a lot of people want to start their youtube channel but have not done so.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to interview Tachi Hogans, who reviews a lot of dollar stores in youtube. 


How often do you go to dollar store?

I go about once to twice a month at the beginning and midway through the month. Going at the beginning and midway is normally when my dollar store gets there new items in.  I really like to plan my trips so I can take my time and look around. If I go more than that I have a tendency to overspend at the dollar store.


Why do you love dollar store?

I love that everything at the dollar store is a dollar. It helps me to get what I need and even what I want at a great price. Plus it is a treasure hunt, you never quite know what the dollar store will have and it is so much fun when you find name brand products at a dollar price


What are 3 things you recommend to get it from dollar store?

The three things I recommend purchasing from the dollar store are:

-cleaning supplies you can often find name products at a fraction of the price.

-Seasonal home decor the dollar store has really stepped up their game over the years and you can get great seasonal decor without breaking the bank.

- party supplies: when it comes to gift bags, tissue paper, and even favors for parties you can’t beat the price.


How much roughly have you save each year from spending in dollar store?

I would say I have saved at least 300 dollars a year by shopping at the dollar store.


How do you start your youtube channel?

I started my youtube channel by grabbing a camera, setting it up, and hitting record.  You don’t have to have all the gadgets to begin, just start. I started with an old camcorder then switched to a cell phone which is what I use to this day. I did a lot of research on inexpensive lighting for my videos, editing software, and how to edit my thumbnails.


What were your biggest failure and biggest success?

In my youtube experience my biggest successes have been two things 1) collaborating with  awesome creators on youtube and making connections with people and 2) having the opportunity to work with companies I really like.  

Hmmm, My worst failure…. honestly I don’t think in my youtube journey I have ever had a failure I have had a LOT of learning experiences but nothing I would classify as a failure.


What is the best advice to start the youtube channel?

My best advice would be to just start, you will learn a lot as you go, do not rush the process it takes time to be seen on youtube, and be consistent with your uploads so your viewers can be assured they will regularly see content from you. Remember to have fun and enjoy your youtube experience and get to know other creators in your same niche.


Teach us something about Youtube that we might not know

Always make sure to use copyright free music you don’t want to get a strike against your youtube because you used music in your video without the right license. Also thumbnails are really important for your videos. You have spent so much time editing and getting the video right make sure to do due diligence and give your video a great thumbnail.


Any other gold tips?

My last tip for youtube would be: make sure to be yourself. God has made you an amazing being and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

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